Thursday, May 19, 2011

Angel and Chary's Love Story

Their love story began by a mutual friend online.They were friends for almost a year before realzing they had a mutual friend. At that time, Chary was working with adolescents and continously downloaded pictures of her student's extracurricular activities. On one particular day Angel commented on a picture of her student's cake fight and this is what began their friendship. After weeks of communicating online Angel sent his phone number and she decided to call him after praying about it. When they met for the first time at AMC, they both knew it was Love at First Sight. After three months of dating, one day Angel called Chary and surprised her that he was just minutes away from her work. They went to a movie and dinner. Once they return back to the car he grabbed her hand and told her to sit down for a little bit and close her eyes. He opened the door told her to open her eyes and look in the back seat. To her surprise she found a big, brown teddy bear with a big red bow around his neck and a pink card that read "Open Me' in black ink marker. Inside the envelope there was a CD with the words "Play Me" written in black ink across the CD. Angel asked her to engage in a courtship with him by writing a love song that described their relationship through "Un Mensaje" (A Message).

Angel and Chary's Wedding

"A Dream Wedding" it truly turned out to be a beautiful fairy tale wedding for Chary and Angel. The weather was perfect under 80 degrees and a light breeze. The bride to be Chary arrived in a white horse carriage with her parents and awaiting her was Angel on the steps of the house. They exchanged vows on the steps in front the house. During the ceremony the guest keep cool with a customized keepsake fan made especially for the day. After the ceremony the guest was escorted to the back courtyard for passed hors d'oeuvres and wine.

The happy couple made their grand entrance from the front door and greeted all their guest. They enjoyed some delicious plated food from Fine Events Catering. Everyone had a great time dancing and enjoying the nice weather.  Flowers by Lingky, and cake by The Cake Dutchess. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Communion on May 1st

Congrats to the young man Sebastian Andres who did his First Communion on Sunday. He and his family had a very intimate reception at the Brawley House. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. The decor was just amazing and the food look so delicious!!!