Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Surprise 40th Birthday Party!!!

Surprise birthday party was a huge success! The Birthday man had no idea what he was coming into when he arrived at the gate. His loving wife had a planned a huge surprise for him. He thought he was attending his wifes baby shower, but little did he know what was in store for him.  Close family and friends were  waiting his arrival inside the beautiful decorated Victorian house. Passed hors d’oevures were served to the guests and a full bar was set up in the green room inside the house.
Cocktail hour was held inside the house and after the guest of honor arrived all the guests were escorted inside Victoria’s Barn for an intimate dinner with music by a mariachi band. The huge space inside the barn was divided in half with pipe and drape, for an intimate gathering.  The front side was set up with rectangle table for 60 close family and friends.


After dinner, the guests moved to the other side on the barn which was all decorated as a club scene. Every element from lounging, cocktail tables, dj, music videos, dance floor, up lighting and a full open bar were incorporated
All the guests were thrilled and had such an amazing night!

Thanks to our dear vendors who helped so much in this huge success.

Coordination & Design- 
The Brawley House Staff
Ice Sculptures –  Ice by Premo


  1. Truly, this Surprise 40th Birthday Party was so interesting. Loved watching these photos. Last week I had also been to a grand 50th wedding anniversary bash at some domestic San Francisco venues. It was my aunt and uncle’s anniversary bash that their children had hosted.